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ECHO prioritizes research that addresses farmer level-concerns and often times originates from farmers' creativity! We are excited to start a network of research-minded ECHO community members who can both learn from ECHO's research (at varying levels) as well as advise or partake in ECHO's research questions. To help with communication and clarity, ECHO will send out regular Research Newsletter to share research engagement opportunities, options for sharing knowledge, and ECHO research updates. You are invited to join this Research Network if it is of interest to you! Below is one example from the most recent Research Newsletter. 

Safe consumption of chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius): Chaya is a perennial shrub that is an excellent source of nutritious, edible leaves. Much like cassava, however, it contains cyanogenic glycosides that release hydrocyanic acid (HCN) when cooked in water. While these compounds confer protection against herbivory, the plants should be processed before eating. We know that boiling the leaves is effective. One question that has come up quite often in recent months is:

  • Does drying chaya leaves make them safe to eat? What little information there is in the literature suggests that drying is most effective if combined with crushing or grinding. 

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